Toronto District School Board Staff Member

... thank you for the instruction and expertise that you brought to the course. I am sure I would have had a lot of trouble getting through the the exam had it not been for your knowledge and your ability to impart it to me. Thanks you did a terrific job.

Manager Recreation Services

Just a short note to say thanks for the great job on the CPO Course. I enjoyed the relaxed and open environment. You should be commended for your preparation, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

Aquatic Supervisor

The CPO Course has taught me everything I need to know about filters. indoor/outdoor pools, daily maintenance, calculations and much more. The instructors were very knowledgeable, experienced and made the course material easy to grasp. I have been in aquatics for 10 years and taking this course has made me more comfortable in my work environment and has allowed me to apply my knowledge to the leadership courses that I teach.

Personal Pool Owner

I have a better understanding of how to properly check the condition of my pool water. I can also be confident in adding chemicals to my pool to ensure a safe and clean swimming environment. I also know because of this course my pool equipment will work properly and last longer. Thanks for a great job teaching the course.